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This project is an implemetation of Android client for Microsoft Sync Framework Toolkit(lets call it MSFT) (old Microsoft Sync Framework 4.0 CTP)

I decide to build and publish this implementation since there are no Android sample(2011-11-30) from Microsoft(only Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, HTML5 and Silverlight

If you wana see other platform clients in action you can go here(this is Microsoft HTML5 sample which can be downloaded with MSFT) or here(Microsoft Silverlight sample from MSFT)

Online(HTML5 and Silverligth) samples using the same webservice as initial this Android implementation so you can easly test it(if you use the same User) after sync you should get the same resultats on all platforms.

2011-12-15 Documentation has been added.

2011-12-15 UI Tweaks (ActionBarSherlock)

UI Tweaks have nothing to do with Sync .. but now program looks better: (fragments will be added Soon™)

  • Samsung Galaxy S (2.3.5):
    Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.5 Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.5
  • Emulator ICS(4.0.2) Phone:
    Emulator ICS(4.0.2) Phone
  • Galaxy Tab 7" ICS(4.0.1):
    Galaxy Tab 7
  • Emulator (3.2):
    Galaxy Tab 7
  • Emulator 1.6:
    Emulator 1.6 Emulator 1.6

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